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How to make DEM/DTM/DGM/DTED automatically from DSM? New methods has been invented by Atriyon Julzarika. Before, if we want to make 3D model in DEM/DTM/DGM/DTED from DSM, we must classify them manually. DSM from satellite image, radar data, or stereo aerial photo is very difficult for classify because they spend more times, moneys, and it is not simple ways. Example we must classify jungle, farmland, rural area, settlement, and many others. Now, what is the solution for that problems? In my research, those problems would be finished by least square adjustment and geodetic control network. It simple, if we expert in adjustment and also understand about its applications, there are no problem for differentialing DSM2DEM, DSM2DTM, DSM2DGM, DSM2DTED, DEM2DTM, DEM2DGM, DEM2DTED, DTM2DGM, DTM2DTED, and DGM2DTED automatically. In my general explanation, there two class for differentialing of those methods. They are lowland area and highland area. For lowland area, it needs 7 researching points (6 points for making stereo model+1 points for making 3D helping point). For highland area, it needs 14 researching points (6 points for making stereo model+8 points for making 3D helping points). How about its accuracy and precision? Researching points/ground control points that we use, will determine the quality control of its order points. Easy, isn't it???

New Automatic Classification Method (Tree Algorithm)


Nowadays, classification of land cover is not a serious problem in mapping. Before we know that some methods; Unsupervised, Supervised, Digitation on Screen. But they have more problems in its accuracy, precision, need more money and times. Now, all the problems have winning solutions that using Automatic Classification (tree algorithm). Its classification is based on objects. Its parameter are shape, scale, compactness. Its also result a higher accuracy and precision. Other advantages, not spend more money and times. Its very simple. This classification can be used in optic and radar data..

The Simple way for making Ratio Polynomial Coefficien (RPC) for making orthoimage


What is the main problems in making orthoimages especially in higher spatial of natural resources satellite? It is geometrical correction for making orthoimage. It need more ground control points (GCPs), but the problem is the distribution of the GCPs not precision. Others problems is in making orthoimage, we need RPC from its satellite exp Ikonos, Quick Bird, Worldview, GeoEye, etc but its price is more expensive. So, now have solutions for them. It is making RPC using Adjustment Computation and Geodetic Control Network. Its orthoimage result is more accurate and precision than RPC that buy from satellite distributor. It also not spend more money and times. I could make its RPC in some methods exp Affine in nearest neighbor resampling, Affine in Bilinear resampling, etc. Are you interested in my methods??



Now, I can develop new methods in carbon stock taking from satellite imagery. Data input is optical and radar data. It’s a very simple methods, its result more accurate if we use radar data. Its only need radar in X or C band to L or P band. The others advantages are not spend time and money. If using optic data, its need some parameter for compute carbon stock taking. Its parameter could we compute with using image processing algorithm. Need this methods for your problem in carbon stock taking??


Making Digital Elevation Model (DEM) using videogrammetry

Videogrammetry is one branch of Geodesy-Photogrammetry. It uses video for getting imagery. Now, the imagery from the video could made a stereo model using videogrammetry. This stereo model must have overlap 60% so it could result DEM. The accuracy and precision of DEM from video is look like DEM from camera or radar. It is a new solution in making DEM, and it is not spend more money and time for its video processing. Do you want to try make DEM in videogrammetry methods??


Prediction Small Islands, Outer Islands, Frigging Islands and coastal region

How to predict small islands, outer islands, frigging islands and coastal region from sea level rise?? I have been research some are in Indonesia exp Pulau Maratua, Pulau Batu Mandi, Pulau Meatimarang, Pulau Fani, Pulau Fanildo, Pulau Miangas, Pulau Marore, Pulau Nipah, Semarang City, Padang City, etc. I predict them with some parameter in sea level rise, exp climate change, mean of tidal, vertical deformation, tectonic movement, etc.the 3D model of the islands and coastal using some Kriging interpolations and DSM2DEM methods. Its vertical accuracy is more higher. Most of Outer Islands in next 100 years will sink if there is no protections. Especially the island in northern of Papua. The effect is for Indonesia maritime boundary will be change especially with Palau Republic, Philippines and Timor Leste because there are no maritime boundary agreement with them. Do you want to know the result of my result??


There are more new solutions from my research, especially in geo-mapping (geodesy and geomatics engineering). Don’t you need my new solutions for your problems??



Atriyon Julzarika

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Expert self in Adjustment, Geodesy, Geomatics, Boundary delimitation and delineation, also in videogrammetry

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